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Hey, my name is LOUISE SAGE but my friends call me NUTMEG.  It’s my nickname because of this neat trick I do when I am playing soccer, or football as most of the world calls it.
In soccer, a (nut)meg is when a player kicks the ball between the opponents’ legs and collects it the other side. It’s akin to a slam dunk in basketball. I do that all the time when I’m playing.  It annoys the other team but my team mates love it and our fans go crazy whenever I do it.
Oh. I forgot to tell you that I am destined to be the first female to play in the men’s league in top flight soccer.  Right now I am just a concept in the imagination of my soccer-mad journalist and creator Olu Alemoru.  A bit of a wiz of a soccer player himself, he is an insane supporter of Manchester United, so are his two sisters, not to mention his younger brother who spends a small fortune following the team around Europe each year.  Ok, that’s enough about Olu and his family, it’s me you really want to know about…
I am a 17-year old Afro Latina with the drive and determination, not to mention mad soccer skills to challenge the soccer world and win! I dream big, set high goals  and aim to turn the soccer world  upside down by making the transition from playing in an unknown amateur league  in the USA, to the top of the English Super League, which is regarded as the most competitive in the world.  My story is littered with bold characters, thought provoking storylines and nail biting edge of the seat drama that I am sure you are all going to love.
So there you have it, a brief round-up of me and my creator.  Now as we say in the footie world, let’s KICK ON!


The idea for the character was created by Olu Alemoru through his love of the Beautiful Game and his passion for writing.  He chose the genre of animation because it takes people places that live action cannot do.
The Louise Sage character takes female empowerment to another level and is sure to become a great inspiration for its young female audience.  We believe it fills a gap in children’s television as a strong female sporting character and is a welcome change to the usual ‘pop princess’.
Our goal is to engage a production company to produce an animated  three minute short for our You tube channel.  We aim to use the short as part of our marketing tools to attract capital investors to develop Nutmeg for broadcast on terrestrial television in the long term.
We aim to capitalise on the unprecedented popularity of women’s soccer in recent years. In 2015  the FIFA Women’s World Cup topped a record breaking 750 million viewers.
Should we be fortunate enough to exceed our funding goal in great measure we would like to increase our rewards, extend the length of the short and ultimately produce a special edition comic book in the tradition of the iconic British football magazine Roy of the Rovers. In 2015 Team Nutmeg produced a two page comic strip featured in the She Kicks magazine for the  Women’s FA Cup final at Wembley.
Stretch  Goal £18,000 – increase rewards???
Stretch Goal £24,000 –  extend to 6 minute short
Stretch Goal £30,000 – 6 minute short + special edition comic



An Afro-Latina 17-year-old, on the verge of making history by becoming the first girl to play in men’s soccer. Born and raised in South Los Angeles, Sage is the product of an African-American mother and Afro-Brazilian father. Following the death of her beloved soccer-mad dad when she was 11, she has been brought up by her strong-willed mother to strive for excellence both on and off the field. Trained by her samba-loving father she did just that; out-playing the boys and scoring amazing goals. Thus, Louise makes national headlines by being the first woman recruited by the men’s college programs, and then becomes the youngest player to red shirt for Team USA when she stars in first ever men’s match to feature a female player. Louise’s match-winning performance in an Under 21 international between the U.S. and England at London’s National Stadium shocks the world. Not long after, Louise signs for the English team bought by rap mogul K-MOO. Although her dream becomes a reality, her life in England becomes a roller coaster of highs and lows she could never have imagined.



From a tough inner-city upbringing, K-MOO (real name Keith Morris Orville Oliver) attains global stardom, “I’m music moglin” (his words), but is nicknamed the “Clown of Rap” due to his eccentric behaviour. He indulges his passion for soccer by buying an English club and creates controversy by signing the first girl in a men’s team.



An African American, she is a devoted mother to Louise. An educator, she encourages Louise to strive for excellence both on and off the field. Physically she could double as Louise’s big sister but doesn’t let their close relationship stop her being a strict disciplinarian when necessary.



A soccer-loving father, devoted to Louise. Met Thelma at college in LA. As an ex-player who’s career was cut short by injury, he fostered Louise’s love of the ‘beautiful game’ from her childhood but died before she achieved her major success. Luis, deeply proud of his Yoruba roots, lives on through his beloved wife and daughter.



Olu Alemoru, Creator

Hailing from the footie-mad city of my beloved Manchester United, I am a writer and journalist with an endless creative imagination that has propelled me to follow my dreams.

A keen interest in news and current affairs at an early age led me to study politics at Greenwich University in London where I soon developed a passion for humor and satire writing for the college magazine. After a decently boring interval working for the Ministry of Defense, I began my journalistic career as a news reporter with The Voice Newspaper, the UK’s best-selling black publication, rising to the post of Features Editor.

While proving my versatility reporting on news, entertainment, business, sport and even getting my by-line on the religious page, I got seriously bitten by the bug of showbiz and leaving my full-time gig, I picked up freelance gigs at the likes of the Daily Mail and BBC Radio.

Creatively, I began to make waves, becoming one of 16 writers nationwide to be chosen for the inaugural BBC ‘A Step Forward’ Comedy Writing Workshop, penning a sold out London review, ‘Close to the Edge,’ starring top UK comic Angie Le Mar and having a skit performed at the Edinburgh Festival.

Leaping ahead through time, my passion for movies and Hollywood led me to relocate to L.A. to pursue my lofty (insane) ambitions as a screenwriter and filmmaker. My most recent gigs were eight years as a reporter for L.A. Wave Publications and six months as a featured writer for California Black Media. As I write I am back in Blighty (UK) prepping for my LA Second Act.


With England and Arsenal Ladies star Casey Stoney.

Comfort Alemoru, Producer

Comfort started her career in the hospitality industry and in 1988 set up her own travel consultancy. In 1997 she came across an opportunity to combine her two loves of travel and entertainment when she attended the first Acapulco Black Film Festival. After meeting the festival producers she was consequently appointed to promote it in the UK. While working as a freelance bookkeeper in the U.K. she joined Studio Eight Productions as Financial Controller. The directors later set up a film sales division, Peace Arch Films with Peace Arch Entertainment of Canada. Working closely with producers for over ten years she acquired a wealth of experience that has helped her with her first producing role on Nutmeg.

From left, Bunmi Harriot, Billy Pitson, Comfort Alemoru and Clive Taylor
From left, Bunmi Harriot, Billy Pitson, Comfort Alemoru and Clive Taylor


Clive Taylor, Illustrator

His uncle, a portrait artist, taught him how to draw a face when he was 7. From then, you couldn’t stop his passion for illustration. His inspirations originally came from Marvel comics and Disney cartoons, but as he grew older, he took inspiration from almost anything that caught his eye. He studied Art & Design in Leyton College from 1997-1999, then took an interest in Graphic Design from 2000, studying in various academies until he graduated with honors at Middlesex University in 2005. Since then he has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, designing anything from name badges to movie posters. When he’s not working on Nutmeg, he’s working on his own clothing label. “My mind won’t stop working, I have to get the ideas out in some way. Nutmeg is going to be brilliant. Stay tuned.”

Billy Pitson, Graphic Designer

“No problem” is most probably the words you will hear come out of his mouth. Having 12 years behind him as a graphic designer, there is not much he has not dealt with. From designing logos, brochures and websites – even designing a youth bus – no job is too big or small. Billy has been described as a “constant stream of flowing ideas” and says “in this game you have to think big and think quick”. Having had work feature on Ministry of Sound and 1Xtra and currently working on numerous projects with various companies, charities, artists and performers, things are on the up and looking good for the future. “The story of Nutmeg caught my heart and imagination immediately, with such a strong concept, it is destined for greatness”.

Darin Vartanian, Teaser Animator

Darin Vartanian, 24, a graduate of California Arts, is a painter, animator and T-shirt designer and principal in Arkind, a multi-faceted art music, film, fashion and skate company formed in San Bernardino in the summer of 2009. The painter, animator and T-shirt designer has collaborated with renowned urban street artist Norm Maxwell and designed for Chilli Beans, a Brazillian-based sunglasses and watch brand.



A Twee Bit of Love

Thanks Chris Nee, creator of Doc McStuffins and Emma Hayes, manager of Chelsea Ladies.

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Risks and challenges

Any success in life is a game of risk and reward. In particular, the animation genre is very expensive and any TV project is a hard sell. Having attended a number of leading television markets in the US/UK, we know the odds are considerable. But Team Nutmeg, who continue to leverage their creative and financial wherewithall, are determined to lift the Cup!