Henley girl, Celia Hemken.

Henley girl, Celia Hemken.

If Princess Di had joined 80’s chart-topping electronica band The Human League, you might get something of the aura of singer/songwriter Celia Hemken.

An actor, writer, professional flautist and accomplished artist, Hemken, left ultra-posh Henley-on-Thames over twenty years ago to front her own punk band — Blue Nouveaux — in New York.

Hemken moved to L.A. in 1994, penned scripts and latterly jobbed as a background actor who got to kiss Harrison Ford in his Indy comeback.

She’s probably not trousered as much as Ford from the $300 plus million worldwide box office of “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” but in a nice bit of ironic deja vu, Hemken’s musical career is gaining a new lease of life with a new album soon to be released on itunes.

Entitled, “Ten Years After,” it’s an eclectic mix of rock, new wave and techno pop which displays a mischievous wit in tracks like “Barbie’s Dead,” and “Train Track Children.”


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